Education is the key!

"Education is the key!" - Dr. Violet Adeke, Kenya

The right of education is an internationally recognized, fundamental human right. The access to education and training, knowledge and skills, experience and insight is unfortunately not given everywhere in the world. 

Why is education important?

Education enables people to develop their gifts and opportunities. Education helps to improve the economic, social, and cultural situation of individuals and their communities. Education is one of the most important preconditions for overcoming misery and poverty. "Education is the Key!" Education is the key - for personal and social development! 
AUSBILDUNGSHILFE - Christian Education Fund is a stable, grown relief organization in the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck, Germany. In more than 60 years we have been able to give thousands of talented young people from poor backgrounds in Africa, Asia and Latin America the chance to develop their skills and contribute to shape their societies. 

By the help of AUSBILDUNGSHILFE every year around 2000 young people from our more than 20 partner organizations in ten countries attend school or can study. AUSBILDUNGSHILFE scholarships are financed exclusively by donations and collections. 
Those who support young people in attending school, studying or in vocational training lay the foundation for their future. In Africa and Asia, 25 euros a month is often enough to make school attendance possible. 

Welcome to AUSBILDUNGSHILFE – Christian Education Fund!

Armin Beck, Director

The song for the 60th anniversary

Let Your Light Shine!

The musician Jean Kleeb from Marburg has composed a song for the anniversary of Ausbildungshilfe: "Let Your Light Shine!"
In this video, scholarship holders from Asia and Africa as well as the choir "Joy of Life" from Marburg sing the song.
The video can be shown at church services and other events.