What is important to us

Qualification is something that nobody can take away or destroy.

Famines, war and natural disasters – what we experience every day in the news, sound like successive iterations. The call for food, clothing, medicines is the reaction. 
To alleviate the current emergency it is undoubtedly essential to send all these aids.

We believe: knowledge and skills of local people are helping to fight poverty and injustice and to alleviate the consequences of natural disasters. Education and know-how are the basis for economic recovery.

Skills and knowledge cannot be taken away, but stay on for  a lifetime.
By being passed on to others "EDUCATION - HELP" multiply...
The promotion of an individual is therefore useful for its entire environment. In addition, a good education always gives courage to stay at ones native country and get involved there.

Part of our philosophy is not to create individual dependence structures between those who give and those who receive the scholarships. This means that we want  a 1: 1 relationship. Rather, the scholarship shows solidarity at a whole by allowing talented young people education and thus paves the way for an independent life.