Our Mission

„I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made“ (Ps139, 14)

Fearfully and wonderfully made, made ​​in the image of God - we all are - blessed with many gifts and talents in order to rejoice in it and to contribute to the good of the society.

Children who grow up in poor families often do not have the opportunity to discover their gifts and develop skills. It's so all over the world - especially in poor countries on earth. Many families do not have financial means to support their children. Their talents remain unused. Often they end up unemployed and hence are stricken poverty, crime and prostitution.

We think: This affects all of us. The Apostle Paul describes it with the image of a body that has many members,

„If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one part is honored, all rejoice with“ (1 Cor 12, 26).
The good of the individual is connected to the good of the whole.

We are given the task to encourage young people and support them. How different our world would look when the boys and girls who do not go to school yet, can develop their skills and deploy?! We need the energy, intelligence and skills of the young generation to open future.

Such treasures to promote human resources, produces a wealth that benefits us all. First, the young people themselves, who gain self-confidence and the prospect of a life of their own responsibility. Their families benefit just as well.

Thanks to AUSBILDUNGSHILFE – Christian Education Fund many are able to complete their education, their training or their university studies each year; about 2,500 young people in Brazil , India, Indonesia , Kyrgyzstan and African countries get scholarships of various nature.