How it all began

Wilhelm Jung talking to a Student from Tansania

In Advent 1959 a parish pastor near Kassel in Germany told his congregation about Christians in India who were not able to afford education for their children. In one week he collected enough money to cover one young man‘s study fees for three years. Soon other local churches joined in, and a charitable association was founded. A few years later the AUSBILDUNGSHILFE (meaning Educational Aid) was collecting in all parts of the Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck with about one million members in the area between Frankfurt and Hanover. In the meantime the fund is helping young students in ten Asian and African countries.

The honorary Board of the association decides on the partners and the budget, but does not select scholarship holders.

The Head Office in Kassel keeps in touch with the regional scholarship committees and raises funds in Germany.

For 50 years Christians in Germany have been donating generously to our fund for one simple reason. They believe that good education is the best way to overcome poverty and hunger.

Sadly many talented children cannot afford the fees for a good school or college, and they are not able to find enough support from their family and friends.
But Christians are convinced that
„we have many parts in the one body“ and that „we are to use our different gifts in accordance with the grace that God has given us.“ (Romans 12: 4, 6).
So it is natural that European Christians help their brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa.